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Reviews for Suit Yourself

d-b Suit Yourself

double-breasted’s latest record, Suit Yourself, was released on February 11th. Since its release, we’ve had the good fortune of receiving some great reviews. I’ve shared some of them below.

Music Connection Magazine
“This classy trio’s three dimensions make for a smooth, engaging listen.”
View the April 2012 issue, p. 53 →

“If I were a rich man, this is the kind of band that I would patronize like the kings of old. Rating 9/10.”
View the online review →

Jersey Beat
“Deeply atmospheric and richly evocative”
View the online review (need to scroll) →

NJ’s Star Ledger
“Bearing a drum kit, a harp and a cello and wearing threads that look more appropriate for a conservatory than a bar, the three members of New Jersey chamber-pop group double-breasted make a striking first impression.”
View the story (need to scroll) →

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CD Release Recap

What a night!

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the double-breasted CD Release show this past Saturday. The place was packed. I took this pic from my vantage point behind my drums just before we started to play.

Here’s a photo of the setlist.

As you can see, we had a few friends there to perform with us. We had Uton, Chris, and Jodie in the choir, Amelia on violin, and Ken on timpani. Here’s a picture of the whole crew.


Photo courtesy of Susan P. via Facebook.

And here’s a photo of Ardith, Kristy, and I at the end of the night.

Photo courtesy of my sister, Amanda via iPhone.

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who made it out to the show to celebrate the release of our new CD, Suit Yourself!

For those who couldn’t make it, you can purchase the CD or MP3s at CD Baby right here.


Suit Yourself Saturday

Suit Yourself Animation

Please join me on Saturday, February 11th for the release of double-breasted’s new CD, Suit Yourself. 

Shayfer James will perform.
We will perform with a mini-orchestra and choir.
It will be epic indeed.

Saturday, February 11th
Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
The Terrace Room
21 Normandy Heights Road
Morristown, NJ [map]
– Join us as we celebrate the release of our new EP, “Suit Yourself”
7pm Doors
All ages $7

RSVP on Facebook >>

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A Shift from “The Man” to “The Fan”

Browsing the Kickstarter blog, I came across this article showing their stats from 2011.

$19M pledged for music.


Everyone wants to talk about how the music industry is failing. Everyone wants to talk about how poor the quality of recorded music has become. As music fans, are we actually surprised by this? As the Big Three record labels try to stop the bleeding from decline in sales, they’ve had to cut investment in artists and their recordings.

As the “old way” of doing things continues to spiral downward, I am encouraged by the Kickstarter model. It’s on its way up. And it’s giving anyone with a creative project – not only music – the chance to carry out their vision. For the supporter, it provides a feeling of connectivity, a kind of partnership in the project. The fans are like investors in a business.

And the best part? At the end of the project, you can hold something unique in your hands and know that you were a part of bringing it to fruition.

I am happy that my band, double-breasted, was one of the 11,000 successful Kickstarter projects in 2011. I can’t wait to share the new CD, Suit Yourself, with our fans on February 11th.

Suit Yourself. February 11th.

double-breasted’s next record will be officially released on Saturday, February 11th and we are hosting an event to celebrate. Please join us at the facilities of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship. We’ll be in the Terrace Room.

Our friend, Shayfer James will play.
Kristy will play Debussy on the harp.
Then, double-breasted will rock out!

Doors will open at 7pm. Music will start soon after that. If you come, you’ll receive a copy of our new record, “Suit Yourself.”

A special note to Kickstarter backers:
Thank you again for making it possible to produce this record. If you’d like to attend, your name will be put on the guest list for one free admission.

Be sure to RSVP on Facebook and add the event to your calendar using the links below.

Saturday, February 11th
Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
The Terrace Room
21 Normandy Heights Road
Morristown, NJ [map]
– Join us as we celebrate the release of our new EP, “Suit Yourself”
7pm Doors
All ages $7

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