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Reviews for Suit Yourself

d-b Suit Yourself

double-breasted’s latest record, Suit Yourself, was released on February 11th. Since its release, we’ve had the good fortune of receiving some great reviews. I’ve shared some of them below.

Music Connection Magazine
“This classy trio’s three dimensions make for a smooth, engaging listen.”
View the April 2012 issue, p. 53 →

“If I were a rich man, this is the kind of band that I would patronize like the kings of old. Rating 9/10.”
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Jersey Beat
“Deeply atmospheric and richly evocative”
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NJ’s Star Ledger
“Bearing a drum kit, a harp and a cello and wearing threads that look more appropriate for a conservatory than a bar, the three members of New Jersey chamber-pop group double-breasted make a striking first impression.”
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