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Article in the Aquarian Weekly

Thanks to John Pfeiffer for this great article about double-breasted in the Aquarian Weekly.

The first thing that struck me about this trio was the name. I thought they might be a cover band as they have two girls in the group and an obvious moniker. You know, that old chestnut. Turns out what really got me were the cool combination of drums, cello and harp. Not a harmonica player blowing up behind some guitar player mind you, but a full-blown 6-foot, 46-string harp. Something I’ve never seen used as a lead instrument in a rock band before. No standard stringed instruments were anywhere onstage and as odd as it is, it seems it works perfectly…

Click here to read more.

2009 Recap

This time of year usually presents an opportunity to look back on the past year and look forward to the next. For me, 2009 absolutely flew… and for good reason. I released two records, first with double-breasted in January and then another in July with Hey Tiger. Both groups were busy playing shows all year to promote these records. We also spent valuable time working on new material. I won’t make any promises just yet, but I hope to have more new music out to you this year.

I took a few moments to look back on 2009 and thought I’d share a few musical highlights from the year.


1. Released our first full-length CD, Who Will Love You? on January 30th at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. Lazlo of actually got a copy of it in early December ’08 and named it #13 on his top records of 2008. We were absolutely flattered.

It is available for purchase on our website and iTunes:

*To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release, we’ve reduced the price of our disc for the month of January on CD Baby. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, now’s your chance to get the physical CD for $7.99 and the MP3 version for just $5! Click here to purchase from CD Baby.

2. Performed live on Philly Radio 104.5 on May 8th. Check out the video of our radio performance  here.

3. Opened for the national Broadway tour of RENT! on February 15th at NJPAC, featuring original cast members Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp!

4. Launched our new website!

Hey Tiger

1. Released a new EP, Morning Light on July 24th at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. It is now available for purchase on our website and also on iTunes. The Sunday prior to releasing the disc, we all met and hand-stamped the cover art onto each CD Package, so each CD package is unique in quality and color.

2. Recorded a set for a benefit webcast on to benefit the Spondylitis Association of America.

3. Witnessed a marriage proposal during our set at the Homegrown NJ Music Festival on September 5th. Following the proposal, the couple enjoyed their first engaged dance to our song, “Simply.”

4. Did a complete facelift and relaunch of our website!


Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Goldhawk last night to see me perform with Hey Tiger for Hoboken Unsigned. I can’t believe we were convinced to whip out “Elizabeth,” but you never know what’ll happen at the Goldhawk. Thanks to Dave Entwistle who put the show together, ran the sound, and also served as the official “interviewer.” Good times.

You can find a review of the show here.

See you at the Iron Monkey next Friday, Oct. 19.


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