double-breasted’s Next Record

I’m sure it comes as no shock for me to tell you that the business of selling music – specifically the business of selling recorded music – is in a state of flux. Musicians can no longer wait to be discovered by a record label. Record labels can no longer rely on an audience of music fans who are willing to pay for watered-down content aimed at the masses. Those who enjoy listening to music deserve better. Those who take risks and create music that fans want to hear deserve better, too.

The good news for both music lovers and music creators is that the Internet has made the middle man (the traditional record label) unnecessary. Though it still costs time, money, inspiration, and many other intangibles to create a record, the means by which to produce, package, market, and sell a record are more accessible than ever before. Here’s a question for you. What if the music lovers and the music creators could pool their resources, bypass the middle man, and produce something great?

My band double-breasted has just launched a campaign on, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. We’re asking for your support to complete our next record. For this record, we’ve brought our harp/cello/drum trio into a professional studio to capture the full range of our acoustic instruments. We’re recording new original music written, sung, and performed by Kristy, Ardith, and myself. As you may know, I’ve been busy in the studio drumming, singing, clapping, and even playing timpani (thanks again for the timpani loan, Jay)! We’re really taking it up a notch from our previous record. We are excited about this new batch of songs and would like to bring them directly to you as a professionally produced, mixed, mastered, and visually appealing package.

In appreciation for your support, we’re offering double-breasted content and gifts that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Click on the image below to visit our Kickstarter page and learn about the pledge options. Added bonus: Just by visiting the page, you will also be able to view the premiere of our new music video for a song off of our previous record called “You Never Said Goodbye.”

Visit the double-breasted Kickstarter page here:

I truly appreciate your support. If you would like to share this campaign with friends and other music lovers, here is a shorter URL you can copy/paste and post on Facebook and Twitter:

One last thing: Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing fundraising platform. This means if we don’t reach our goal, we will not receive any donations whatsoever. We are already at 40% of our goal with just 20 days remaining.

Once again, I appreciate your support. I’m very excited about the opportunity to bring you a great-sounding, musically exciting, and professionally-packaged recording.