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Guitar Pull on Saturday, March 12th

On Saturday, March 12th I’ll be playing a special kind of show at Espresso Joe’s in Keyport, NJ.

This isn’t your typical – watch this guy play for 40 minutes, watch the next guy play for 40 minutes, go home – kind of show. I’ll be playing round robin, storyteller-style with two fantastic singer-songwriters, Paul Rosevear and Jason Kundrath.

Deafening Colors open the show at 7pm and the round robin begins at 8pm.

This show will be hosted by Blowupradio.com.

Hope to see you there!

Espresso Joe’s Cafe
50 West Front Street
Keyport, NJ 07735

Finnegan’s with the Toll Collectors – Friday 2/26

Join me on Friday, February 26th for the first show of the new year with Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors.

This is a free show. We will play three sets of originals and covers!

Friday, February 26th 
Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors
Finnegan’s Pub
734 Willow Avenue
Hoboken, NJ 07030

RSVP on Facebook >>

Watch Three New Toll Collectors Videos

Captured during a live performance at Finnegan’s in Hoboken, NJ on Saturday, October 17th, here are three original songs by Christina Alessi & the Toll Collectors. Enjoy!

“Leave the Light On” https://youtu.be/NjqzH7R8gnA

“My Little Sin” https://youtu.be/HkhaWwjIhV0

“Rescue Me” https://youtu.be/Z-dNwKGeV3Q

Back at Maxwell’s on Friday 11/6/15

Fresh off a really fun Halloween show where we played Cyndi Lauper, Christina Alessi & the Toll Collectors are back at Maxwell’s tomorrow night for a set of original music at 10pm!

It’s also the release of Bern & the Brights new EP. This is going to be a great show. It begins at 8:30pm. The Toll Collectors hit the stage at 10pm sharp.

Here’s the link to RSVP on Facebook.

Friday, November 6th 
Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors
Maxwell’s Tavern
Hoboken, NJ

Recap – double-breasted at Wharton Concert Series 07/19/15

Wharton Spring Concert Series. Hugh Force Canal Park. Wharton, NJ. July 19, 2015.

This was technically the “Spring” concert series. But after the first date was cancelled due to rain, the reschedule date wound up on the hottest day of the year so far! I sweated through my shirt entirely, but nonetheless had a blast playing outdoors in a beautiful setting for a super attentive crowd.

db Wharton 071915

File Jul 21, 6 57 08 PM File Jul 21, 6 56 31 PM File Jul 21, 6 55 50 PM


We are playing a wedding this weekend and then our next show is on Wednesday, August 19th in Cape May, NJ at the historic Chalfonte Hotel.



Recap – Toll Collectors 7/11/15

Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors at Finnegan’s in Hoboken, NJ. July 11, 2015.

Three sets of pure fun. Covers, originals, and a great crowd. Who knew the Brandi Carlile tune would be the most popular?

Setlist 071115

Christina and the Toll Collectors 071115


Leading up to this show, we had an epic, A/C-less rehearsal. Which resulted in the following elevator photo op. The band that sweats together, takes elevator selfies together.

Toll Collectors in the elevator


Enough said.

Last Week Recap

And what a week it was!

Four gigs. Each unique in their own way.

Bowery Electric

First, a solo acoustic show at Bowery Electric. Sunday, March 15th. This place had a great vibe and an even better sound system and sound guy.

Bowery Electric 031515

Performing at Bowery Electric. 3/15/15


Setlist 031515

Setlist. Bowery Electric. 3/15/15

Pete’s Candy Store

Second, a duo performance with singer/songwriter Shayfer James at the picturesque Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, NY.

031915 Pete's Candy Store

Pete’s Candy Store with Shayfer James. 3/18/15.

031815-Pete's with Drums

My view from behind the kit. Pete’s Candy Store. 3/18/15.


Setlist. Pete’s Candy Store. 3/18/15.

Northern Soul

Third, I played with Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors at Northern Soul in Hoboken, NJ. It’s always a blast to play with these guys. This was such a great show!


Christina and the Toll Collectors. Northern Soul. 3/19/15.


Jonathan Andrew and I rocking out. Northern Soul. 3/19/15.


Christina and the Toll Collectors. Setlist. 3/19/15.

Espresso Joe’s Guitar Pull

I finished up the week with a unique show on Saturday, March 21st – A Guitar Pull sponsored by blowupradio.com. I had a fantastic time getting to meet and share the stage with David Bronson and Mike Regrets.

We took turns playing songs, talking about writing, recording, and everything in between. I always enjoy playing at Espresso Joe’s. Not only because they hosted my photography for a month back in November, but because the audience is top notch. They sit, listen, and pay attention to the show for the entire duration. It’s such a joy to see places like this still exist and I’m always so happy to play there.


Performing at Espresso Joe’s. 3/21/15.

Guitar Pull on Saturday


I’m excited to be joining fellow acoustic musicians David Bronson and Mike Regrets for a Guitar Pull.

What’s a guitar pull, you ask? Sponsored by blowupradio.com, the evening will feel more like sitting around a campfire and listening to old friends sharing songs. Usually the songs are accompanied by stories, or conversations about the creative process. It’s a collaborative show format that I know you’ll enjoy watching.

Really excited for this one. Mark your calendars.

Saturday, March 21st 
Solo Acoustic Guitar Pull
Espresso Joe’s
50 West Front Street, Keyport, NJ

Northern Soul with Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors



I’m really looking forward to playing with Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors again. We played a show back in December at Tierney’s in Montclair, NJ and had a ton of fun. Can’t wait to play another one!

Thursday, March 19th  
Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors
Northern Soul
577 First Street, Hoboken, NJ

Watch Two Videos from the Tierney’s Performance

What a gig!

I had a blast playing with Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors last Friday night at Tierney’s Tavern in Montclair, NJ – 12/12/14. It was so great to play in a band with such excellent musicians.

Here was the line up:
Christina Alessi: voice and acoustic guitar
Jon Andrew: Bass
Josh Bicknell: Drums
Ty Tuschen: Guitar
Mari Hubley: Mandolin/ Vox
Sean-David Cunningham: Epic Violin

Here was the setlist:


Watch a cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”
In case the embed doesn’t work above, here’s the link: http://youtu.be/PetxyoxW2Kk

Watch a cover of “Wagon Wheel” (which actually has a pretty interesting origin story):
In case the embed doesn’t work above, here’s the link: http://youtu.be/MwjWWagcN8U

We hope to do it all over again sometime soon. Stay tuned!