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Sometimes I Play Music Where I Work

I hope your new year is off to a good start and I hope you are braving this cold weather in a warm cozy place.

It’s funny, ever since I started working in educational publishing I’ve met people of extraordinary talents and who have an artistic pursuit outside of the day job. Maybe it’s the nature of the jobs in the industry – writers, designers, coders, creators. We are committed to some form of creation all day and then somehow we still have a need to create outside of the confines of the office. 

At least once a year, my company likes to celebrate this. We have an Art, Music, and Poetry Expo where we hang artwork, eat, drink, rent a stage, and have a show. Poetry readings, musical performance, dance… it started a couple of years ago and now it’s become a Thing. 

So here’s a video of my performance. I played an original and a cover: “Knocking Down My Front Door” and “Happier” by Marshmello and Bastille. Hope you enjoy it!

If you can’t see the embed below, use this link to watch and share: https://youtu.be/NvjG-DWZH2Y

Photos from Songwriters Collaborative

What a great night at Northern Soul in Hoboken, NJ! I had a fantastic time with fellow songwriters Christina Alessi, Jon Andrew, and Adam McDonough. It was so great to collaborate on each others’ songs. We threw in some awesome cover songs for good measure.

View from the stage. The place was packed!

Photo courtesy of Adam McDonough via Twitter. @adammcdmusic

My corner of the stage. Guitar and drums easily accessible.


The whole gang!


From left to right: Jonathan Andrew, Adam McDonough, Josh Bicknell, Christina Alessi, Dave Entwistle