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A Spy Named Stella

Today I’m releasing a new piece of instrumental music – “A Spy Named Stella.”

“A Spy Named Stella” is highly rhythmic, conducive to running for your life from an international spy in a game of cat and mouse. Use it as a soundtrack to get yourself out of danger. The piece juxtaposes samples of acoustic instruments like strings and upright bass against electronic elements. Driven by the rhythms of multiple drum sets and percussion instruments, this track takes you to a new place – one that isn’t quite electric, isn’t quite acoustic, and definitely isn’t safe.

Download it here or stream it using the player below. Pay what you’d like for it or grab it for free by entering 0 in the price box.

You can also check out the other instrumental pieces I’ve sporadically released over the years – “My Favorite Daydream” and “You Smiled Because You Knew.”


My Favorite Daydream

I’m releasing a new piece of instrumental music today. “My Favorite Daydream” is available via Bandcamp to stream and download.

Daydreams can carry a stigma. Minds that daydream can be considered weak, wandering, and even wasteful. If you are a daydreamer you are not someone who is grounded in reality.

Yet there is a certain power in daydreams.

It gives your mind a chance to unwind. A chance to release the tension that comes as a result of concentration, in an age where we are pulled in many directions and always expected to be “on.” An age where our FOMO is urging us to fill our schedules to capacity.

This piece celebrates daydreams. (And is also a reminder to myself that I need to have them more often.)

The music is like a daydream in that it moves along at its own pace and combines instruments that wouldn’t normally come together. When I listen to it, I hear movement, a sense of adventure, and also a little bit of sadness. Layers of conflicting emotions. The mind unwinding in its own way.

I hope you enjoy this piece. Let it lead you to many of your own non-wasteful daydreams.

Listen below or here, if you don’t see the embedded player. Download your own copy by naming your price here.

Watch a New Video for “You Smiled Because You Knew”

Today, I’m releasing a new video for my instrumental piece, “You Smiled Because You Knew.”

You may remember my recent blog post about the importance of its title. And how it’s the most listened-to piece of music I’ve made so far (but only because of it’s title).

I filmed this video from a plane, while departing from New York’s LaGuardia airport back in June. It was a beautifully clear Saturday morning as I took off en route to Atlanta, GA. I think the music pairs really nicely with the feeling of becoming airborne and the beautiful view of Manhattan looking south. You see all of Central Park, the bridges that connect Queens and the Bronx, and finishes as the plane crosses over the Hudson River into New Jersey.

Check out the video below.
If you don’t see the video below, use this link: http://youtu.be/HgQgDr0CL-A

Another interesting fact about this piece of music – It’s licensed under Creative Commons, which gives you permission to share, remix, and build upon this piece of music so long as you include a credit and use the music non-commercially.

If you’d like to use this piece for something you’re currently working on, please do so! I’d be honored. Just download the audio using the link below, add a credit to your work, and let me know about it.

The audio track is available for immediate download for $0.69 right here.

Hope you enjoy it!