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Live from My Dining Room

In case you missed the broadcast last weekend… I’m releasing my entire performance from the Spondylitis Association Benefit Webathon as a digital album.

Live from My Dining Room

Live from My Dining Room was recorded live in front of a not-so-captive audience of my two cats. The recording is purposely quiet, intimate, and raw.

No auto-tune. No overdubs. No editing. Just my voice, guitar, and whatever other sounds occured during the performance. The recording features eight original songs in their simplist form.

Download it for FREE here: http://joshbicknell.bandcamp.com/

HINT: You’ll need to click on the Buy Now button to download the full recording. You can buy it for $0 if you wish.

In leiu of paying me for the recording, please consider making a donation to the Spondylitis Association of America. From now through the end of October, your donation will be matched if you use this link: http://www.spondylitis.org/store/productlist_sm.aspx?department=41