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Banding Together 2023

I’m proud to be part of Banding Together again this year. This is a fundraising event for the Spondylitis Association of America hosted by Lazlo of I’ll be streaming a solo acoustic set over the Internet, broadcasting Friday 10/13/23 at noon EDT on

Please consider donating to the cause. If you do, you’ll be eligible to download a special compilation album. Donate here.

Opening for Joan Osborne

Well that was awesome. It’s hard to believe I’ve been making music with Christina Alessi for 20 years now. It’s so effortless that it feels like it must’ve been a lifetime or more. I couldn’t be more proud of her at this moment, opening for Joan Osborne! And I couldn’t have been more proud to share it with her on stage.

Here are some video clips from my Instagram from our performance!