Help Me With My Setlist

Here’s the situation. I have a solo acoustic show next Thursday, January 6th at Northern Soul in Hoboken, NJ. I need your help deciding which cover song(s) I should put into my set. You may remember that I sang you songs from my couch everyday for one week in November – Couch Covers. I’d like to perform at least one of these songs at the show on January 6th. Can you help me decide which song(s) to perform?

Click on the Couch Covers Poll below to vote on the cover you’d like to hear me perform. It will take just 10 seconds to vote. Thanks for your feedback!

Here are the show details:

Thursday, January 6
solo acoustic
Northern Soul
557 1st St.
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Also featuring Christina Alessi (Hey Tiger) and Jonathan Andrew (Mike Ferraro and the Young Republicans)